buyersYou are looking to buy an agency. Why hire Energia Consulting Partners?

Energia Consulting’s offers our clients a well-established approach to the agency sales process. This experience and knowledge of the industry have successfully helped negotiate the buy and sell of over $175+ million in premium. If you are looking to buy an agency, we can assist in finding the right opportunity and help secure the appropriate financing needed to complete the purchase. With us, buying an insurance agency will be a smooth process.

Finding an Agency to Purchase

You are looking to purchase an agency. What now? Reputable agencies that are a good fit for your needs don’t usually just fall into your lap. So the only other options are to search for agencies for sale online and contact them on your own, or you can hire a professional intermediary such as Energia Consulting Partners to contact agency owners on your behalf and assist with every step of the buying process.

Insurance agency sales is a seller’s market. Increased buyer competition can make it very challenging for a buyer to find a suitable agency to purchase. Along with our experience, Energia Consulting has many available resources to aid our clients in the buying process. This includes a list of sellers who are serious and ready-to-sell their businesses, compiled to help buyers find the right company for purchase and assist in making sound business decisions.

Financing Assistance

Once the right agency for purchase is located, the next step is to secure financing. With relationships with several major lenders, our consultants at Energia Consulting are properly equipped to assist you. Based on monthly cash flow, we can show you how to structure the transaction appropriately in order to help you succeed.

Deal Terms Guidance

A second set of eyes can be helpful when it comes to brokering a deal. Energia Consulting can assist in looking over the deal terms and transaction structure of an offer and provide advice on where improvements can be made. Our experienced consultants thoroughly review the various components to a deal that can have a significant effect on the overall attractiveness of an offer.

Agency Valuation

Energia Consulting works hard to evaluate and negotiate offers that best meet your needs. By acting as a buffer between you and the seller, we are able to obtain answers to difficult, yet highly pertinent questions to assist you in making a sound business decision.

Managing the Buying Process

Buying an agency is neither a quick or simple procedure. By hiring Energia Consulting, we can handle all the important aspects of locating an agency so that you can focus on preparing to be a new business owner. We closely manage the process in order to minimize common disruptions and hurdles, providing a smooth transaction from start to finish.

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