businessman signing papersAre you in need of an agency valuation or cash flow analysis for a loan/purchase? Energia Consulting is here to help. When it comes to business valuation services, many things need to be taken into consideration. These include things such as:

  • How one business compares to others in the marketplace
  • Current supply and demand and required rate of return.
  • Variables such as geographic area, market trends, asset liquidity, financing options and current operations.
  • Company performance/profitability
  • Valuation for securing a loan
  • Divorce and Estate Changes

These considerations greatly affect the price that is paid for a business. Based on these variables, the price can be greater or less than its fair market value. This price point is referred to as investment value.

At Energia Consulting, we are committed to help our clients understand the value to achieving success. We understand the challenges of business valuations, and tailor our reports to meet the specific needs of lenders, banks, and business owners

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